Alleviate Stress

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I am sure some people are finding themselves a little more stressed than normal due to changes in our lives. Changes might be due to illness, family, money, or career. As such, here are a few helpful pointers to help alleviate stress

1. What is cause of your stress? Make a list.

2. Look at the positive bigger picture.

3. Remember it will pass.

4. Keep in mind unavoidable responsibilities.

5. Don't try to be perfect! Perfectionism only leads to stress.

6. Know your limits; physically, emotionally and mentally!

7. Take the mountain down one stone at a time. When faced with a large task, break it down into smaller tasks. Prioritze tasks and deal with the most important or most unpleasant issue first.

8. Make leisure activities and hobbies a priority in your life. Enjoyment of life prolongs life and reduces stress.

9. Exercise! Even a short walk is great!

10. Eat healthy! Avoid sugary snacks, smoking, alcohol, drugs, overeating and caffeine.

11. Get rest! Retire and rise at the same hour every day.

12. Use techniques! Learn to relax using meditation, prayer and deep breathing.

13. Quiet time! Find time to be alone for a little while each day.

14. Socialize! Talk to a friend or family member (but not one who stresses you out!)

15. Be in contact... this one is tough with COVID-19 today so grab your inflatable pink unicorn costume and give an air inflated hug, with mask and gloves and all!